Kid Inventors’ Day

January 17th is marked on the calendar as “Kid Inventors’ Day.”  The ingenuity of kids can be astounding.  Not scared to think outside the box, historically kids were a leading force behind many inventions still used today.  Through STEM education in schools, kids today continue to change the world with their innovative minds.  Here’s a […]

100th Day of School

A hundred days of school is a milestone worth celebrating in a student’s education, particularly at the younger grade levels.  Students new to the school arena by now have successfully gotten through the rough adjustment period of being out of the comfort of their home with their parents and in an environment where rules and […]

Don’t Be Tricked…Drugs are No Treat!

Keeping kids healthy and safe is our top priority.  That’s why we encourage you to combine the drug prevention messages stressed during Red Ribbon Week with Halloween fun and safety.  Here are lists of drug prevention and Halloween safety tips for kids to keep in mind when out Trick or Treating and every day to […]

On the Rise: Prescription Drug Use Among Kids

Prescription drug use kills more children than car accidents.  Take a minute to let that sink in.  It’s a really hard thought to swallow, isn’t it?  As educators, that is why it is so important that we celebrate Red Ribbon Week – to promote a clean, drug-free lifestyle among students. The ever growing, extremely alarming […]

Guest Blog: Kathryn Everest of the Fort Worth Independent School District on Disrespect

“Disrespect: it’s not okay!” is about the most exciting thing on the planet for us right now.  This is an initiative that allows kids control and is thriving!  Kids thriving, excited about their world is the greatest reward for an educator. When adults turn kids loose to choose activities that promote respect, civility and integrity […]

Avaste Ye! Learn like a Pirate

Arr Mateys!  It’s National ‘Talk like a Pirate’ Day!  In honor of the engaging and quite humorous day, we wanted to provide you with a couple of classroom activities to put kids in the pirate spirit of looting ‘treasure’ for their brains …otherwise known as learning. Elementary/Middle School: Transform a Poem, Lyric, or Riddle to […]

Enter our 1st Annual Welcome Back to School Bulletin Board Contest

Fun Ways to Increase Parental Involvement in the Classroom

For most teachers out there, if it hasn’t already, the summer is coming to a close and that means it’s time to go back to school.  You’ve probably been planning what your Welcome Back bulletin board will look like, the way your classroom will be set up, and what you will do with students that first […]

Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to remember the people and the events that shaped the present-day situation of African-Americans. It is a situation filled both with hope and lamentation for the difficulties experienced on the roads into and out of slavery. If you intend to speak about Black History Month or teach a class […]

National Parental Involvement Day

From Tiger moms, to helicopter parenting, to the idea “it takes a village,” no matter the parenting style or ideology, parents play the biggest role in their child’s life.  Far spread across every phase and area in life, parental influence will impact physical, emotional, and intellectual development.  As teachers, it should be no surprise to […]