Year Round Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween was almost a week ago so we realize it’s a little late to be giving pointers to keep the kids safe this October 31st.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy reared her ugly head and put a damper on the East Coast celebrations.  The devastation was immense so much so that you could say that the dark, […]

Respect For All Week Idea Guide

Hold a “Walk Away From Bullies” group walk around the school campus. Have students sign the “Take a Stand Against Bullying” Pledge Banner before the walk. Reward students with a “Take A Stand, Lend A Hand” Tag With Chain to remind them of their pledge.

Let Us Help You Teach Your Children during Fire Safety Week

Teaching children about fire safety is an important and rewarding experience. Parents around the United States should utilize the themes provided by Fire Safety Week to launch discussions about the proper steps to take in the event of a fire. When your child grasps these imperative concepts, you can reward them with fire safety products […]

Help Children Make Healthy Food Choices As They Start The School Year!

New changes to the USDA’s child nutrition programs mean that healthy meals, especially those offered at school, will look a little different when kids return this fall! Our new Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids product line has the most comprehensive array of educational and health awareness tools to help you promote healthy habits and help kids […]

Remind Children to Remain Drug Free during Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week is a week where teachers, parents and other role models teach children about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, bullying and more. Each year, the week of October 23rd through the 31st is used to enlighten and motivate children to treat themselves and one another with respect. Red Ribbon week spotlights the healthy […]

College Readiness Idea Guide

Let students know that higher education is within reach by organizing a college fair. Invite representatives from schools throughout your state. Give each attendee a “The Tassel is Worth the Hassle”™ backpack and bookmark. Create a school atmosphere that promotes graduating and attending college. On the walls, hang posters from “The Tassel Is Worth The […]

Academic Awards & Incentives Idea Guide

Designate a display case for recognizing your school’s A-B honor roll students. Hang the list of student names, then decorate the rest of the case with images of things that begin with A or B, such as apples and bumble bees. Present A-B Honor Roll Certificates to the students on your list. If your school […]

What is a good teacher made of?

In today’s education system, most evaluations of students are standardized.  Whether students perform well on tests like the SATs or graduate on time are largely depending on one influence – teachers.   More than schools and curriculum, teachers matter most. Take for example two students – same age, same socio-economic status, same reading levels, only thing […]

10 Sites for Educational Games

Top 10 sites for Educational Games: We have the top ten (10) online educational gaming sites for children from kindergarten through 8th grade. Online gaming sites have been proven to be very beneficial learning tools by helping kids learn many of the skills they will need throughout their early childhood education. Learning games can help […]

Ideas and Benefits For Using USB Drives In School

USB Flash Drive Uses: Award Ceremonies – Many schools buy USB flash drives with their school logo printed  on it and giving them out to all attendees. The USB drives can be pre-loaded with all the award categories and winners. Electronic versions of the award winners add a personal touch and another dimension to the […]