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Fun Ways to Increase Parental Involvement in the Classroom

For most teachers out there, if it hasn’t already, the summer is coming to a close and that means it’s time to go back to school.  You’ve probably been planning what your Welcome Back bulletin board will look like, the way your classroom will be set up, and what you will do with students that first […]

National Parental Involvement Day

From Tiger moms, to helicopter parenting, to the idea “it takes a village,” no matter the parenting style or ideology, parents play the biggest role in their child’s life.  Far spread across every phase and area in life, parental influence will impact physical, emotional, and intellectual development.  As teachers, it should be no surprise to […]

What is a good teacher made of?

In today’s education system, most evaluations of students are standardized.  Whether students perform well on tests like the SATs or graduate on time are largely depending on one influence – teachers.   More than schools and curriculum, teachers matter most. Take for example two students – same age, same socio-economic status, same reading levels, only thing […]