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National Parental Involvement Day

From Tiger moms, to helicopter parenting, to the idea “it takes a village,” no matter the parenting style or ideology, parents play the biggest role in their child’s life.  Far spread across every phase and area in life, parental influence will impact physical, emotional, and intellectual development.  As teachers, it should be no surprise to […]

Year Round Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween was almost a week ago so we realize it’s a little late to be giving pointers to keep the kids safe this October 31st.  Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy reared her ugly head and put a damper on the East Coast celebrations.  The devastation was immense so much so that you could say that the dark, […]

Let Us Help You Teach Your Children during Fire Safety Week

Teaching children about fire safety is an important and rewarding experience. Parents around the United States should utilize the themes provided by Fire Safety Week to launch discussions about the proper steps to take in the event of a fire. When your child grasps these imperative concepts, you can reward them with fire safety products […]